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We are a community of older and younger adults striving to build relationships, share stories, and spread some big love, because everything’s bigger in Texas.

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Your Role

All of our Texas Pen Friends matches consist of a Senior Pen Friend and a Junior Pen Friend. We carefully handpick each and every pair to ensure compatibility. Want to know which part you’ll play? Say howdy to our sections below.

Senior Pen Friend

Do you have a loved one currently living in a nursing home or assisted living facility? Would they benefit from a new friendship across good ol’ fashioned snail mail? If so, sign them up to become a Senior Pen Friend today!

Junior Pen Friend

Are you a younger adult looking to give back to your community? Are you interested in getting to know and learning from seniors? If yes, join our team by applying to become a Junior Pen Friend.

Why Pen Pals Are More Important Now Then Ever

Social isolation can result in a 50% increased risk of dementia. It can also lead to other symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

-New York Times

Texas nursing homes have experienced over 17,000 cases of COVID-19, causing many facilities to shut their doors to visitors.


Loneliness is a widespread, inter-generational problem. Approximately 68% of Gen-Z claims that “no-one really knows them at all.”

-NBC News

If you qualify to be a Senior Pen Friend, Junior Pen Friend, or know someone who fits either of these two roles, submit an application to join our community. Everything is bigger in Texas, but we can make the distance between us feel a whole lot smaller.